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I may – as YOUR guide - welcome YOU heartley in Vienna and Austria , whether it is YOUR first time here or if YOU are almost a Viennese YOURSELF already.....
I would very much enjoy showing YOU my Vienna and Austria – be it the historical sites and towns or be it the natural beauties.....
My speciatlties are :
Guided tours on the foosteps of the classical Viennese composers from Haydn, Beethoven and Mozart to Mahler, Schönberg and Strauss;
Viennese Cuisine and the Wines and the markets in Vienna
Vienna’s Art and Culture from the 19th century Biedermeier to Ecclectcism and Art Nouveau to the Classical Moderns of the 20ies and 30ies to the New Architecture and Arts of today;
The Vienna Coffehouse and its “inmates”;
The Jewish history and its people;
The Vienna Woods, the Danube Valley, the Burgenland with its wineries and the Viennese Alps with Semmering, Rax and Schneeberg
Graz  and Salzburg
But also our neighbouring cities of Bratislava, Budpest and Prague.....
Whether walking, by bycicle, car or coach :
Whatever YOU wish I am at YOUR disposal with my my long expierience as guide for YOUR excursions, but as well for longer touring and journeys...
A few suggetsions of tours & excursions WE could do together :
Grand City Tour
The Ring Avenue with its palatial buildings
The Old Town with the Court Square, Jewish Quarter, St. Stephens
Cathedral, Bakery Lane and the Jesuit Church
The Hundertwasser House, the Danube and Modern Vienna
Belvedere and Schönbrunn Palace
Vienna Woods
Baden, the Biedermeier Spa of Mozart and Beethoven
Mayerling, scene of Crownprince Rudolph’s & Marie Vetsera’s tragic end
Heiligenkreuz Abbey, the oldest Cistercian Cloister in Austria
And, of course, a drive through the Vienna Woods – the green lungs of
the capital city – and on to the Lake Grotto
Jewish Life in Vienna
The Holocaust Memorial & the Museum of Mediaeval Life in Judenplatz
The Sigmund Freud Museum and the Cemetry in the Rossau
The Mazzot island with its schools and the grand City Temple
And, finally the Jewish Museum
Vienna 1900
Jugendstil – the Viennese Art Nouveau – with Otto Wagner’s grand
buildings – the Post Office Savings Bank, the Church on Steinhof, the
old Metro system and the apartment houses on Naschmarkt, Adolf Loos’
house on Michaeler Platz, the Secession as artistic centre and more
Musicians of Vienna
Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert and the Strausses – what would
Vienna be without them? Let’s take a visit to their former houses and
their final resting places at the Central Cemetery and in St. Marx
The Danube Valley
Melk and its abbey, the Cradle of Christian Austria
Lunch in Maria Taferl – with a view of (almost) the entire Danube Valley
Our return journey takes us along the Danube via Dürnstein, Krems andon to Vienna – by boat if you like!
Burgenland, Wine and Music
In the footsteps of Joseph Haydn, Franz Liszt and the Esterhazy Family
Eisenstadt, Forchtenstein Castle and Raiding
Sample some of the best Austrian red wines in Deutschkreutz
Ödenburg/Sopron and the Esterhazy’s Palace at Esterhaza
Neusiedlersee National Park and the Bird’s Paradise
Semmering, Rax und Schneeberg
Ritter von Ghega’s railroad across the Semmering (a UNESCO World
Heritage site)
Semmering, Rax and Schneebueg, easternmost mountains of the Alps and
the summer resort of Vienna’s Bourgeoisie – bring good shoes for hiking!
Myths of the Woodlands
Monasteries, castles and myths in the Northern Woods of Lower Austria
The monasteries of Zwettl, Geras and Altenburg
Rosenburg Castle, as well as the freemason castle, Rosenau and the Law
Museum at Greillenstein Castle
Power spots (ley lines), lakes & mythical ‘moving’ rocks in the dark forest

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